Three Free Anti Virus Software Sites You Should Visit

Free anti virus web sites are so needed by those who cannot afford to buy one. They are easy to use and you do need the protection. Anti virus, software is health insurance for your computer.

The internet can be a wonderful place but it is also full of dangers. There are malicious files out here created by people who intend to hurt your computer or perhaps who just want to annoy you.

I do not know why a programmer would create a virus which is intended to hurt another computer because they know how expensive it is to buy a computer and also fix it should the need arise. I do not see the point of creating a file so bad that it harms so many people. It would be better to share a photo or something that makes people smile.

Viruses come into our computer in a variety or ways. They can come in an email, instant messenger file transfers, or from web sites, we visit. I know no one would download a virus on purpose but sometimes virus are hidden within downloads over at download portals such as lime wire, or kazza.

There are ways you can protect yourself from the dangers of viruses and other things that seek to do your harm out here. Use Norton or MacAfee anti virus software. I know they are pricey but hey, when you buy those programs you are protecting your investment. It is like health insurance for your computer.

If you are surviving on a fixed budget, you can scan your computer for viruses on line free and still get the same protection. The only problem I see with these is that it takes your online time away from other purists. For those of the population who are on dialup it can be time consuming to scan for a virus.

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Dial up is no excuse for not using the online virus scans. There are plenty of sites out here that can help you free and I have added three of them in the link sections below.

MacAfee also has a free scan site out here, which is full of information to safeguard your computer as well as free virus scan software. This is a top name in anti virus protection. It is as simple as going to the site and clicking the scan now button. From this site, you can also do a scan to see how safe your computer is, and it will tell you how to fix anything that is an easy way to get into your computer.

Trend Mirco Housecall is one of the best free online virus scan and spyware scan sites out there. This service is brought to you by the folks at Trend Micro and will scan for viruses, spyware and other bad stuff called malware. This link is below, simply head to the site, and click the scan now its free link to begin scanning.

AVG free anti software has been around here for a while on the internet so it is a trusted name as well. It is not as powerful as the other sites listed out here but it is still one of the best sites to get a free anti virus software program. This site can also inform you about viruses and other threats that you face when you venture out into cyber space.

There you have it folks there is NO excuse for surfing without anti virus protection. Visit one of the sites below and get the help you need today free.

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