Software Review: AVG Free Anti-Virus Software

While there are many different manufactuers of anti-virus software available on on market, many require a subsciption or license fee. It is true that there are some choices for free software, but my favorite is the AVG free edition. Software company, Grisoft, manufactures the AVG free anti-virus software as a one-time download that requires daily updates consisting of approximately two minutes using a high-speed connection. During this updating process, any Internet applications will run very slow, however, when the brief process is over, the program will notify you and your computer will be back to running at its normal efficiency about half a minute later.

The process of installing the AVG anti-virus program consists of about an hour using a high-speed modem; add another hour on to that if using a 56k modem. The files do not take up a lot of space, and the program is compatiable with Windows and Linux PC systems. As for the download and installation, it is a very simple process, and it's easy to leave the computer unattended during the download process, but not during the installation.

AVG has done an excellent job of protecting my computer. Just last week, I was notified of a potential threat: a Trojan horse. The application was immediately quarantined and no damage was caused to my computer, nor did I have to restart my computer. If you are considering getting some free anti-virus software, I definitely recommend going with the AVG free download. You won't be disappointed.

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