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TotalAV is one of the many antivirus software that has hit the markets in recent times but it has shown that it can surely do what it suppose to for one third of the price. This antivirus program has swiftly established itself as an ideal preference on the markets in the antivirus world. TotalAV offers a lot of features in comparison to various other antiviruses on the markets today. Although TotalAV has spent a comparatively short time on the market, it has already been compared to more established brands.

TotalAV software is a fully featured antivirus program package that comes in two versions: both paid and free version. The free version possesses limited features while the paid version comes with additional features all unique, valuable and effective. The additional features on the paid version are the reasons why TotalAV is regarded as the top antivirus among all antiviruses.

TotalAV features

  • TotalAV supports a range of major operating system including Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS. It lets the user to control and manage installations from an online console. The mobile edition differ a bit more as they are customized for their sole purpose.
  • Like most basic antiviruses, TotalAV possesses a quick scan that provides fast and basic scan for your files.
  • Provides a system scan of your hard drive and your PC as ordinary antivirus programs as well as real-time protection features. TotalAV offers one of the best virus scan as it is smooth, fast and thorough and provides security for android and iOS too. The real time protections works in the background which offers automatic security to your PC as it provides protection 24/7 against developing malware and viruses. The feature offers a very robust protection. The real time protection feature only offered on the paid version of the program.
  • A lot of antiviruses on the market don’t come with a password management utility. TotalAV is among the few antivirus out there that comes with a password management utility as an additional benefit.
  • The disk cleaner feature allows you to eradicate and delete duplicate/redundant files and junk files. It also provides OS boost as you can manage and control start up applications as well as uninstall applications thus freeing up disk space.
  • TotalAV provides you with a web security feature that gives you firewall and VPN services and you do not need to pay additional charges to use the VPN services. The actual gold here is the VPN as it provides a safe browsing mode and protects your data over the internet. A VPN encrypts your data on a network securing your from eavesdroppers and trailers. It is actually amazing that TotalAV has a local VPN feature and unlike other antiviruses, the VPN feature does not require extra cost.
  • TotalAV scores highly for its neat, simple and clear user interface. This makes accessing the program utilities smooth, easy and fast. A list of commands and executable recommendations are displayed at the end of every scan to enable you to fix the existing threats. In addition, the application can be made to run in the background by minimizing it as it consumes less system memory.

TotalAV performance and security

TotalAV protection against viruses and malware is among the best and robust part of the program. Its integration into the program makes the program self-managing and very easy and simple to use.

Easy and smooth installation and simple sign up forms puts TotalAV in front of other antivirus products.

The system scan and real time scan works quietly in the background, taking up less system memory and periodically and regularly looking out for possible security threats and fixing them.

The VPN feature is the real catch as it guarantees online data security.

Customer relations and support

TotalAV customer support and relations moves the product from better to best. The company provides a constant, timely customer support through live chats on their website.

They also have an onsite knowledge base which relatively useful. You can also email or call their customer care desk


TotalAV is a complete featured product that stands out of the rest in a very congested antivirus market. It is a good option for antivirus services with well-equipped functionalities and utilities for handling rigid security treats and maintaining safety of your data both offline and online.

AI and Machine learning helps discover new threats before they earn a file signature.
Can sometimes make your computer run more slowly.
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TotalAV is one of the many antivirus software that has hit the markets in recent...
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