ScanGuard Antivirus Review

ScanGuard is the new kid on the block as it is relatively new on the antivirus market. But that shouldn’t imply that the security program is doesn’t possess utilities to secure your devices and keep them up and running. As expected, ScanGuard is at the receiving end of unfairly comparative criticism, reason being it freshness on the shelves.

This security program not only provides continuous and consistent protection of your device against malware, Trojan and other threats but it also comes with a load of utilities that enhances your system performance and provide web protection.

ScanGuard features

ScanGuard provides you with a range of features with packages that covers up to three devices. These features include:

  • The programs provides you with fundamental and basic security against malware, viruses and Trojans as well as shielding your device against internet/online threats like spams, spyware and phishing.
  • ScanGuard has a two way firewall that safeguards your internet privacy and thwarts as well as block cyber-threats.
  • ScanGuard is compatible with most major operating systems. It is compatible with MacOS, iOS, android and windows. In the windows series, the program is compatible with windows 7, 8 and 10.
  • The parental control feature that come with ScanGuard is a plus for the program and for the users as well. This enables you to monitor the time and places your children visit on the internet and at the same time block unwanted sites and prevent cyber threats.
  • The most important feature that makes ScanGuard antivirus stand out as a better security program is the VPN. This is a relatively unique feature as most antiviruses focus on only securing local data. The VPN hides your device info online by hiding your IP address and protects your data by providing an extra layer of privacy protection.
  • ScanGuard has inbuilt utilities/tools that boosts your devices’ memory. These include file management tools that deletes unwanted and unimportant files as well as utilities that helps you in clearing your cache and history thus fastening your browsing speed.
  • ScanGuard supports several devices and works on multiple major operating system.


ScanGuard is the new kid on the block, this means that it hasn’t proved itself that much due to the limited time. It hasn’t been featured in major reputed performance reviews and independent tests.

But from the general view, the security program works almost to perfection as it doesn’t appear to be affecting the performance of your device by slowing it down. Customer reviews have raved on its effective ability at eradicating threats through real time scans without affective their performance speed of their devices.

ScanGuard is easy to install and set up. The set-up is simplified and takes a few minutes before your security program is up and running. You will just need to fill out registration details before you can log in to choose the product you intend to purchase. There are already recommended setting that you use before installation. It also provides options on specific number of times you will need your device to be scanned and the period between each scan.

The ScanGuard user interface is one of the best interactive security display you will find on the markets today. It has a precise uniform familiarity across all devices. The neatly arranged dashboard shows the presence of a threat, quarantined files and a command for a quick scan. There are additional utilities such as disk cleaner and device boost on a quick access toolbar. The user interface on this security program is one of the friendliest on the market today.

Customer relations and support

ScanGuard offers one of the best customer care and support in the antivirus world. They provide you with helpful video tutorial during set up and installation.

ScanGuard also provide 24/7 live chat on their website as well as self-service knowledge base that helps users to fix their problems by themselves.

There is a 24/7 phone based care that gives priority to pricing and billing complains.


If you are looking for a privacy focused antivirus package, then ScanGuard is the way to go. With its double layered firewall and a strong VPN, ScanGuard provides the most privacy based antivirus on the market today.
AI and Machine learning helps discover new threats before they earn a file signature.
Can sometimes make your computer run more slowly.
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ScanGuard is the new kid on the block as it is relatively new on the antivirus market.
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