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PC Protect terms itself as the “ultimate” antivirus and be assured that being ultimate is what it really is. PC Protect provides a comprehensive security for your devices. With a wide assortment of features it is difficult to argue that the development of this product didn’t pay attention to details. PC Protect provides its package for as low as 4 dollars a month which is an incredibly affordable price compared to the pricing of other antivirus packages on the market today. If you try out a PC Protect package then value of your money is all you will get in return. In as much securing your device is important, spending a load of cash to attain protection is unnecessary.

What makes PC Protect the ideal antivirus is the fact that it is inexpensive and at the same time offers complete protection features to your device. In fact some reviews refer to PC Protect as “the best free antivirus ever.”

The 2018 version of PC Protect comes with the best antivirus features and a 30 day money-back guarantee at 25 dollars for PC Protect premium. You can also download the free antivirus scanner from their site.

Features and functionality

PC Protect provides one of the most outstanding malware eradication antivirus that completely and comprehensively scans out swiftly and smooth. Provides a system scan of your hard drive and your PC as ordinary antivirus programs as well as real-time protection features. The real time protections works in the background which offers automatic security to your PC as it provides protection 24/7 against developing malware and viruses. The feature offers a very robust protection.

PC Protect comes with a safe web browsing utility that is simple. The VPN is easy to us with an option of close to 50 locations from all around the globe. The VPN provides you with a private IP address, an encrypted internet access and may even access sites that were already blocked. So it is time to not be bothered by those annoying “not available in your country” notifications during browsing sessions.

If you check out PC Protect program folders, it seems to be using Avira engine: one of most efficient and accurate malware utilities on the market.

PC Protect runs scans and system checks in the background automatically so you can just sit back and enjoy life as you your device remains protected as you deal with more important issues.

PC protect offers an Ad blocker module which blocks annoying advertised content on the web as well prevent automatic loading of threat potential links. It mostly prevents pop ups and spams. Time to say goodbye to those annoying pop up ads on the internet and enjoy your online experience.

PC Protects security comes with a vault system that helps you create and maintain a strong and secure password culture protecting you from potential cyber security threats and worms.

PC Protects security program also incorporates a basic firewall that you can use to manage the windows firewall. The firewall keeps your local data protected from online data security threats.

One feature that makes PC Protect stands out as the best antivirus is its ability to support a variety of major operating system, ranging from Windows, iOS, Mac and android.

PC Performance

PC Protect installation is simply easy because the program doesn’t require your input as it runs by itself unless you are upgrading. However, your input is only needed during scanning frequency adjustment or when extra information is needed. The extra information will be needed when redundant files are found in which the program will ask you whether to delete or skip them.

Customer support

Low priced products tend to have poor customer care and support. Thankfully, this is not the case with PC Protect.

PC Protects offers right to use their live chat support from the company’s experts the on their website. The feedback from them is swift as it only takes a couple of minutes. The live chat is the most efficient and guaranteed for technical support.


The fact that PC Protect is one of the cheapest antivirus program on the shelves, but offers comprehensive protective features and utilities shouldn’t make you look at anything else when scouting for an antivirus.

AI and Machine learning helps discover new threats before they earn a file signature.
Can sometimes make your computer run more slowly.
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PC Protect terms itself as the “ultimate” antivirus and be assured that being ultimate is what it really is.
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