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Norton Antivirus is one of the oldest security program on the market today. It used to have a series of various sub-products which included Norton 360, Norton antivirus, Norton 360, multi device and Norton security which was at most of the time confusing to users. Luckily, the developers merged all those sub-products in to one distinct security program, Norton Security, which combines all the features from the pre-existing security programs. Although it is a common practice for other antivirus dealers to brand their product version with year pointers, Norton opted for simplicity and dropped the year tags. But you are assured of their latest version as long as you continue to subscribe.

If you want security and data protection for several devices, then Norton Security is the definite preference. Norton Security does not come with a free trial but in several packages in which the features determine the cost. The various packages of Norton Security are:

  • Norton Security basic- the basic antivirus works only for windows. It possesses tune-up utilities such as Norton identity password manager, features commonly enlisted in further costly security packages. Norton Antivirus basic is the cheapest of all Norton packages but still remains efficient. It secures your PC against malware threats, phishing and spam.
  • Norton Security standard- this is an elementary package of the Norton security series but apart from protection from malware, it also has a two way firewall to keep your PC threat free. If cheap but effective antivirus is what you need, then this package is the ultimate choice for you.
  • Norton Security deluxe- this package supports up to five devices and can manage all of them from a sole online portal from the company.
  • Norton Security premium- this package protects up to ten devices and provides up to 25 GB of loud storage.

Norton Security features

  • Norton Security in most major operating systems such as windows, iOS, android and Mac. The Windows package of this program offers important performance utilities beyond protection. This include start up manager, file clean up and system memory optimization. Norton Security scores heavily with their android version,
  • Norton Antivirus threat scan is the best feature about this program. The program scans received mails and direct incoming texts and files and quarantines those it detects as threats. The program also detects secondary removable storage devices like flash disk drives and quickly scans them for threats and malware.
  • Norton also protects your device against unsafe internet sites. It blocks access to private local information on your device by blocking sites display that requests your personal information.
  • One of the best Norton Security feature is the silent or gamer mode. When this tool is enabled, it appends all the system scans including the quick and regular scans, when you are playing games or watching online content.
  • The parental control feature on Norton antivirus further propels it in to a top notch.

Norton Security performance

All four Norton Security packages utilizes similar engine to scan, detect and destroy malware and threats. They work close to perfection and come out as one of the best antivirus programs on the shelves.

It doesn’t matter what package of Norton Security you are using, you will get protection from phishing mails, spam and spyware. Norton has a utility that blocks suspicious applications from being installed.

Norton antiviruses were at one time blamed for slowing up devices but that issue has now resolved and it is safe to say with confidence that Norton is at the other extreme end of that problem as the program cleans up the memory and clear junk files.

The user interface on Norton antivirus program is as friendly as it comes. The history utility that shows the state of the system, the date of the last scan and a command to a quick scan makes it easy and smooth to use. A green check mark is displayed when the system is safe and a red cross when there is a potential threat.


With all those protective features, Norton is one of the best option on the shelves for device protection against malwares and threats. It also has a relatively good performance index.

If all you are looking for in an antivirus program is protection, then Norton is not a risk at all.

AI and Machine learning helps discover new threats before they earn a file signature.
Can sometimes make your computer run more slowly.
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If you want security and data protection for several devices, then Norton Security is the definite preference.
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