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Ever asked yourself “what if there was a complex bug on your PC that your current security program couldn’t adequately deal with? What would you do?” if your response to that question is yes then you don’t need to worry any more. Because there is a perfect security program on the market that covers your worries.

In today’s fast evolving technological and internet architecture, more complex and complicated bugs are being developed to adapt themselves to this changes. Malwares are prowling behind internet pages waiting for a moment to pounce. A couple of big firms and corporations such as HBO have been hacked because of this sophisticated malwares.

Even though it is important to be on the lookout during browsing sessions, there exist a big probability of these complex attack no matter how careful you are. Cautiousness doesn’t do much. This is where a strong, complex and well adapted security program comes in hand. Malwarebytes came in to the market for this sole purpose.

Malwarebytes is a US based firm famed for its Malwarebytes Anti–malware security program which focusses in eliminating adware, spyware and similar bugs. Malwarebytes is not traditional security software. The firm decided to engineer a product that that would be dedicating to detecting and eliminating newer and most complex threats and other bugs on the internet that other security programs can not eliminate.

Malwarebytes has a number of suites in its lineup.  Malwarebytes gives a free trial of their security program for 14 days after which it goes back to free edition. After that you can chose to upgrade to Malwarebytes anti malware package at a cost. You can upgrade to Malwarebytes anti-malware premium which offers additional features. There is business edition of this program that offers businesses with robust threat scans and detection to prevent attacks on a business system.

Features and Functionalities

All Malwarebytes editions have a robust and comprehensive scan. The scans only takes a couple of minutes. There is also a quick scan option in its premium version that can be preset to scan a particular segment of the storage. A list of threats and suspected files are displayed after a scan and you are prompted to choose the appropriate action.

The premium version of this program provides you with real time protection. It not only detects viruses and malware from dangerous downloads but also blocks them from infecting other files and folders on the device.

The Malwarebytes security program comes with an Anti-exploit feature that detects threats that gets in to your device through software weaknesses and flaws. There is Malwarebytes StartUpLite feature that enhances the speed of your PC by deactivating unnecessary additional programs, a Malwarebytes FileASSASSIN that allows to delete files that you had no permission to delete and a RegASSASSIN that eliminates registry keys from your PC.

One notable feature on Malwarebytes anti-malware is the chameleon tool which is a security measure against any form of virus and malware that will try to deactivate the security program. It masks the program in order to prevent malicious programs from finding it.

Some viruses and malware can be sticky. This means that deleting them is an impossibility. Because most antiviruses can’t clean or delete these bugs, they incorporate quarantine features that enables the user to be able to isolate the infected files from the rest of the system. This prevents spread of infection of the bug to healthy files as well as provides deletion grounds.

Performance and interface

It is easy and smooth to install this security program. A download from their website takes a few minutes.

Malwarebytes antivirus minimally affects the speed of your device as it can run in the background and in real time.

The Malwarebytes user interface has display of lineal bars that has different forms of options. Dashboard, scan and history tabs are on the top bar and the bottom are accounts and upgrade suggestions.


The company provides a constant, timely customer support through live chats on their website.

They also have an onsite knowledge base which relatively useful. You can also email the firm for technical support.


With its ability to deal with complex and more evolving threats, Malwarebytes is an ideal antivirus in today’s world but should be used alongside other antiviruses.

AI and Machine learning helps discover new threats before they earn a file signature.
Can sometimes make your computer run more slowly.
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Malwarebytes is a US based firm famed for its Malwarebytes Anti–malware security program which focusses in eliminating adware, spyware and similar bugs.
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