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BullGuard is one of the few companies that have had their products on the shelves for a long time. The company has been producing widely known antivirus and protection tool from as early as 2002.

BullGuard is one of the most simple but comprehensive security program on the market today. The main functions of an antivirus is to secure your device against data threats such as malware, Trojans and phishing. But the best antiviruses are the ones that covers the basic stuffs and move a step ahead to provide extra security tools. And BullGuard is one such program that offers extra security features to secure your device.

BullGuard antivirus has had various upgrades to its packages over the years. But the most standing out suites are BullGuard Internet Security and BullGuard Premium Protection. Internet Security is the first antivirus program in the BullGuard line up. The original version had basic protective features but it was improved over the years to a more advanced security program. The 2018 version of BullGuard Internet Security has an antivirus, a security package and advanced additional features.

BullGuard Premium Protection is incorporated with features that enhance protection of your device over a network. It is also integrated with a network scanner that detects weaknesses and threats on a wired connection.

Features and functionalities

  • One of the strongest feature of this antivirus is the malware detection and eradication tool. File detection on this program is excellent and each and every time a threat is detected on file or program, it will be thwarted and destroyed immediately. The antivirus tool also works makes BullGuard’s threat handling capabilities fast and lightweight. The antivirus tool can be designed in several ways that offer several levels of securities. You can chose to enable or disable the internet security tools from these settings as well as opt to scan received mails.
  • BullGuard comes with an anti-phishing tool that when turned it protects your data during online sessions. These feature alerts you when you get on a suspicious webpage.
  • BullGuard security comes with safe browsing tools that protects your data and your device from dangerous sites. In addition, it bookmarks up your link to frequently visited sites and major sites. When the site is safe, a green tick sign is displayed in a circle and a red alarm sign if it is otherwise.
  • A lot of antiviruses on the shelves have a game mode that prevents interruptions during gaming sessions by blocking security notifications. BullGuard has a game mode feature that performs that task but at the same time guarantees to secure you’re your gaming session from interruptions and drags from other software.
  • Most users don’t really require parental control utilities. But this feature comes in handy when you want to monitor your children sessions on your device, especially online interactions. This feature is available in all of BullGuard’s packages. This feature allows you to pre-set limits on internet usage on your device. It also sieves out obscene content.
  • BullGuard antivirus comes with a PC Tuning feature that checks up your device for functionality and performance problems and assists you to solve them. It runs immediately after installation and cleans up cache, system, junk files, temporary files and registries. This feature can also run in the background when needed
  • The spam filter incorporated in with BullGuard that blocks suspicious emails.
  • Surprisingly, this antivirus doesn’t deactivate windows inbuilt firewall. This is because it uses the inbuilt firewall which is surprising because a previous version of this antivirus came with its own firewall feature.

Performance and user interface

Security companies put so much work on reducing the impact of an antivirus program to the performance of your devices. BullGuard antivirus minimally affects the performance speed of your device.

It is safe to refer to BullGuard antivirus’ user interface as user friendly. The interface gives you a practical feeling. There are drop down lists of commands in various groupings which selects a needed feature.

Customer support

BullGuard has a team of expert who offer technical support through the onsite live chat. There is also knowledge base that offers predefined solutions for self service.

You can also contact their support team via email.


If you are only interested in security of your devices that does not cost much, then  BullGuard antivirus is the ideal choice.
AI and Machine learning helps discover new threats before they earn a file signature.
Can sometimes make your computer run more slowly.
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BullGuard is one of the few companies that have had their products on the shelves for a long time.
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