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Avast is one of the oldest security software that has been on the shelves from as early as 1991. Avast prides itself of over 400 million subscribers and has the biggest market share in the world of antiviruses. Avast antivirus come in various packages ranging from the most basic antivirus with basic protection features to more advanced packages with sophisticated security features. They include;

  • Avast free antivirus-this is the most basic antivirus suite from Avast. Even though it is referred to as basic, this package provides you with a range of protective tools more than a lot of its counterparts on the shelves today. On top of basic protection, it gives you a network security scanner, a password utility and protected browser. This is a free suite on the Avast security line up. It is regarded as one of the best free antivirus on the shelf.
  • Avast internet security- this packages checks all the boxes on the provision of basic security features. However it comes with additional features that helps protect your device against cyber threats. It possess a firewall, spam filter utilities and privacy protection utilities. This package is a paid for suite.
  • Avast premier- it is a more sophisticated package on the Avast security lineup as it offers more protection modules. It offers you with a robust antivirus engine, firewall utilities, ransomware protection, and many security based additional utilities. It costs more than Avast Internet Security.
  • Avast ultimate-this suite combines all the four premium antivirus packages (that premier, cleanup premium, SecureLine VPN and Password premium) comprehensively covers all your device’ssecurity concerns. It possesses the most advanced antivirus, firewall, VPN and password manager among other super capabilities.

Features and functionalities

  • All the Avast antivirus packages ranging from the free version to the ultimate package have one of the most robust and comprehensive virus scanner and engine utilities. The program’s scanning options can easily be customized. The boot-time scanning is essential for detecting and destroying threats that attach themselves on booting files. It also provides advanced real time security and updates on upgraded versions.
  • All packages in the Avast line up have a scan for Wi-Fi security feature that detects weaknesses in wireless network connections and expose trespassers. It also examines a wired network connection and give feedback on its security and that of all devices on the network.
  • Avast antiviruses provides you with a password manager that securely locks your unlimited number of passwords across a range of devices in a vault.  The premium package allows you to unlock your PC screen password from your phone and checks your internet profiles for data threats.
  • Apart from the Avast free antivirus, all the other suites in the Avast lineup have a concrete firewall utility that provides protection against attacks from hackers and protects your PC’s interactions with online activities.
  • All the non-free versions of Avast antivirus provides you with an extra layer of ransomware that ensures the security of your private files and folders.
  • One noteworthy feature on Avast is the SecureLine VPN that helps in protecting your internet connections to complex sites through VPN connection. The VPN feature is purchased as extra feature hence no set up instructions.
  • Avast antivirus comes with a permanent shredder that helps you permanently delete sensitive files as wells as scrap away unwanted files and junk files. This helps free up the memory space and boosts performance.
  • Avast provides you with Webcam protection utilities that that allows only authorized apps to have access to your Webcam. It even provides you with an option to disable the webcam to prevent being spied on.

Customer support and installation

Avast antivirus is easy to install. It takes a couple of minutes to download from their site. The installer file performs a quick scan before full installation.  Avast’s user interface is among the friendliest display in the antivirus world. It contains button for frequently used features on its default display.

Avast has put in place experts that provide technical support to online issues raised on their sites on weekdays 9 hours a day based on central European time.

You can also raise issued with Avast via email and online forums.


With its ultimate and premier package, it is no secret that Avast antivirus was designed to bid goodbye to common and sophisticated viruses. It is worth your money to the last penny.

AI and Machine learning helps discover new threats before they earn a file signature.
Can sometimes make your computer run more slowly.
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Avast prides itself of over 400 million subscribers and has the biggest market share in the world of antiviruses.
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