How to Change the Update Settings for AVG Anti-Virus

AVG antivirus, by Grisoft, is a wonderful antivirus program that is available in free and paid versions, through download from the internet. The free version of AVG is very popular, and is used by many people throughout the world. However, once downloaded and setup, AVG needs to be able to update itself, through the use of the Internet or a folder, to deal with the new threats available from the Internet, in the form of Trojan horses, and other viral problems.

If you have AVG, and you have been prompted to update your program, and this update is able to occur without any problems, then you don't need to worry about changing your update and connection settings. However, if you are getting an error, like 'cannot connect' or 'cannot find server' than you probably need to change your settings to connect with AVG. This may be done quite easily, as you will now read.

First, boot up AVG. Generally, if properly configured, AVG will be running in the background, and may be quickly accessed by clicking on the AVG icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the desktop screen. Otherwise, find it by going through Start-Programs-AVG AntiVirus. Once the main control panel (not the Test Center) has been booted up, find the 'Update Manager' button, listed alongside several of the other options in the main window of the program.

Click this button, and then look in the bottom right-hand corner of the AVG control window. Here, you will see three options; these being 'Settings', 'Update', and 'Properties.' Click on the 'Settings' link and then look for a connection link. Now, you can change the properties of how AVG connects to the Internet, and what type of settings it uses for this. You'll need to know your network connection information to input the proper protocols, and this may be found out from either your Internet provider or your network service manager. There is even a space here for those of you who have to connect to the Internet via dial-up internet, with modem properties. If you can afford it, seriously consider upgrading from dial-up to a faster connection, like DSL or Cable-updating dial-up, or even doing almost anything on the Internet takes much took long, in my opinion, when using dial-up.

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Once you've setup your Internet settings, you may then click the 'Update' button in AVG control center. You will be asked to select if you want to have AVG update from the Internet, or from the a folder on your computer. Use the 'Internet' setting, and AVG will attempt to connect to the Internet, and then search for the needed updates for the antivirus program. Everything should connect now, but if you still cannot download the updates for AVG, have a network administrator look at your AVG settings, under the update connections tab.

AVG is a powerful antivirus program. However, it needs to be updated to function well, and to be used effectively. If you don't have AVG, consider trying it out today. After all, it is free and is one of the most popular antivirus programs available online today.

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