in 2018, it is hard to keep your PCs or laptops safe. You may ask why? Let’s go back to 20th century, especially in the 80s, when first computer viruses have been developed, and since then, people are afraid of those kind of things.

Nowadays we save all the essential information, just like company data, etc., on our tech devices. Viruses are trying to access our online devices, and that’s the most dangerous thing. As for me, I have lost 10 GB of my data, including my photos from since 2007 – and only after that, I started thinking about Anti-Viruses.


BullGuard is common software in Antivirus industry. Among other giants of that industry (for instance: Avast, AVG, etc.) BullGuard has its niche and standards.

One of the most exciting things about BullGuard is the developer and support team behind it. As we can see on their official page, Company’s main motto is to give consumers better security. The representative of the company, CEO Paul Lipman says that everyone deserves better protection. BullGuard gives them to guarantee that with software, they will feel safe.

The company is developing Antivirus software from 2002 and is trying to reach the top of the industry slowly, one step at a time. If we look back at the transformation and improvement of company and software itself, we would see that the developer team did a tremendous job.

Easy Setup – First step to better security

According to Paul Lipman, the CEO of the company, to make consumer’s life simple, software should have a simple interface and easy “how to install” guideline. You won’t believe that installation of software takes only a few seconds and you are ready to start protecting your device. A few days ago I came across with one of the reviewer's stories where she was talking about the BullGuard Antivirus software, and instantly I started searching for flaws or cons in her review. I could not believe that most of the reviewers have not outlined cons of software. Then I started using it myself, and guess what? I can’t even understand what should be the wrong side of software – literally, there are zero downsides. Keep in mind that everyone’s device is individual, so the ball is in your court now, test it yourself.

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Next Generation Features

As we mentioned above, BullGuard became very popular soon after the first release. That happened because; the developer team is always trying to offer the consumer next generation protection.

As for today, the company has three best-seller packages. First is necessary Antivirus software which is ideal for laptops and PCs. It’s one of the dominant among the competitors and gives almost 100% satisfaction. What does this Antivirus software include? The first thing first – Protecting our devices from random cyber attacks. Another interesting feature is called “safe browsing” – As the representative of the company said, it’s the most popular feature because it gives people ability to access any website without having received any antivirus from there.

We all know that in 2018, almost every device has the considerable potential to receive cyber attacks from various platforms. BullGuard has the solution for malicious websites – “Internet Security,” with which you can access any site, anytime you want – you are in safe hands.

Most of Antivirus companies beat around the bush because they don’t want to concentrate on the main problem. In BullGuard, developer and support team knows precisely what you need, and they will find the solution.

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