Best antivirus programs on the market today

Every good device should have up to date, properly functional and comprehensive security software that you might necessarily need to pay for. Free antivirus software has been the wave for decades now as a huge number of PC users only requires minim [ . . . ]

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Why You Need Antivirus Software

The 21st century has seen rapid technological and innovational growth. But the law of the averages dictates that as more things change the more they remain the same. Your PC is vulnerable to threats and malware as it would have been ten years ago. [ . . . ]

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n 2018, it is hard to keep your PCs or laptops safe. You may ask why? Let’s go back to 20th century, especially in the 80s, when first computer viruses have been developed, and since then, people are afraid of those kind of things.Nowadays we save [ . . . ]

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Bitdefender closer look

We all have our personal data/information on our devices such as PC, Laptop, Mac, Android, and Cloud system. The scariest questions arise  – Are we protected? Who protects us? How to protect our data?All that questions are valid because in 201 [ . . . ]

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AVG Internet Security

AVG Internet Security is the new standard in Antivirus industry. Let’s face the cold-hearted truth – No one is safe in the 21st century, especially in 2018. Today we have millions of Viruses, malware and thousands of hackers who are trying to ste [ . . . ]

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