Bitdefender closer look

We all have our personal data/information on our devices such as PC, Laptop, Mac, Android, and Cloud system. The scariest questions arise  – Are we protected? Who protects us? How to protect our data?

All that questions are valid because in 2018 we are not protected from online viruses, malware, unwanted programs and worst trojans. There is only one solution – find the perfect Antivirus software which can provide you safeness.

What’s unique with BitDefender?

All the companies start instructions on their official website with texts full of dancy and fancy phrases. The most interesting thing about Bitdefender is that they don’t have any extra or irrelevant sentences or even words while describing company’s features and future goals – that’s impressive.

The first thing to keep in mind is that Bitdefender is the descendant of the first Romanian tech startup – It all started back in the 20th century, to be more specific in 1990. Everything changed quickly, and viruses itself improved on a daily basis – That’s why BitDefender started operating in Antivirus industry. The dev team behind company wanted to deliver the best software having success against antivirus and all the unwanted programs.  

Till today, Bitdefender has tens of awards. As the consumers say, Bitdefender is excellent not only for it’s excellent protecting features, but also their support is doing a great job. As the company representatives say, Bitdefender is protecting half a billion online users around the globe – quite impressive milestone.

Is it reliable? Does Bitdefender protect my data and files?

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Bitdefender is a big player in this industry. They know everything about the industry, and as it seems, they are always one step ahead of hackers and creators of viruses. As one of the members of developer team says, the company tries to stay ahead of not only hackers but also its competitors. They work that extra mile and always deliver the top-notch product.

Support team – The most reliable source

Bitdefender has a fast and humble support team. They have live chat and ticket systems. If you don’t have time to chat online and solve any little issue, then you can leave a support ticket, and it will be answered within 24 hours or even faster. As it’s mentioned above, Bitdefender won tens of awards in the 21st century on very popular award forums, but one of the proudest awards is all about having the best support team.

What BitDefender offers and what are the Prices?

And we are finally here – the most exciting part. Basic Package of BitDefender is called “Total Security 2018,” and the price is under 35$. You get the actual license, and you can use the same license code up to five devices. What’s the interesting in this package? You protect Windows, Mac, Android or even IOs devices from potential threats and cyber attacks. Another interesting package is “Family Pack 2018” – It’s specially created package for families. We have lots of devices at home because of few family members, so by this package, you can protect all the devices at home. All the tools will be protected from malware, viruses, Trojans and online threats. The price is just 59.99$, but it’s worth to protect the devices of the whole family.

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BitDefender also offers internet pack called “Internet Security 2018”. If we compare this product to competitors price is lower. What’s particular about Internet Security?

  • Ultimate protection from all the internet threats
  • Improved privacy and protection from webcam threats
  • Multi-tier protection from the unwanted programs and Trojans.
  • The top-notch support team is working for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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