Best antivirus programs on the market today

Every good device should have up to date, properly functional and comprehensive security software that you might necessarily need to pay for. Free antivirus software has been the wave for decades now as a huge number of PC users only requires minimum protection for their personal devices.Free antivirus programs only provide basic protection against simple malware attacks. This free antivirus programs are less sophisticated than their paid counterparts but they perform fundamental protection duties like providing automatic updates, running constantly in the background to make sure that your files and PC is protected against malware attacks, providing protection against spam and data phishing emails making sure that your personal data remains private and can initiate scans whenever you demand.

The market is currently flooded with various free antivirus packages from various brands which can be quite a hassle for anyone looking for protection at no price. Even though all free antivirus programs offer minimum basic protection, each one of them has significant features that make them stand out from the rest. So you need to pay close attention to details when shopping for free antivirus programs. Below, we have compiled the best free antivirus programs of 2018 available on the market to make it easier for you to chose the best free antivirus software that meets your needs 

Avira free antivirus

Avira antivirus is debatably one of the best free antiviruses on the market today. The security software is incorporated with an inbuilt cloud detection utility referred to as Protection cloud which makes it stand out from competing brands. The feature works in a way that when suspicious programs or files are detected, Avira free antivirus uploads it anonymously to its fingerprint for scanning and downloads the report for the user to take necessary measures. 
Apart from the cloud protection utilities, Avira can perform basic protection functions which include detecting and thwarting existing security threats as well automatic removal of new ones. It provides protection against spyware, malware, ransomware,
and Trojans. 

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Bitdefender free edition antivirus.

Bitdefender is not only a free antivirus but also easy to use. The user interface on this security program is super easy to use as it is not swamped with a lot of buttons and menu commands. The design on Bitdefender is remarkably minimal. You can actually drag folders and files into the window of this program for instant and automatic scans. The program also provides for an automatic immediate full scan of your system as well as multiple scans running simultaneously without interfering with the speed and performance of your PC.

Adaware antivirus

Adaware antivirus is arguably among the best free antivirus on the market today. The antivirus program is light on your Operating System as it minimally affects the speed and performance of your PC. The program takes a couple of minutes to fully install. 
One of the best features merged with Adaware antivirus program is the utility that lets you sue the program in two different protect modes. The first regular mode scans the system for threats as soon as they  occur while the second mode allows you
to use your primary antivirus to eliminate the threat. It is for this reason that Adaware antivirus should be used alongside another antivirus program.

Avast free antivirus

Avast is one of the oldest antiviruses on the market today.Its free edition is quite basic compared to the paid packages. The virus is used by millions of users around the globe and ranks high on the list of best free antivirus programs for deservingly good reasons. 

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The antivirus has basic protection utilities with some customizable features that enable you to make modifications to utilities like sound notifications when a threat is detected as well as scanning schedule.

Panda Dome free antivirus

Just like Bitdefender free edition antivirus, panda dome has
a very minimal design and installs fully within minutes. The only downside to
this program is that the program is not in any way customizable and all program
navigations are heaped in its settings menu.

However, panda functions uniquely, the reasons it ranks so
high among free antivirus programs.  The security news tab alerts users to significant data information like when a vendor experiences a massive data breach that may have an impact on your data.

 The automatic scanning feature is also incorporated with additional utilities like behavioral and analysis scanning features. The scans take a few minutes and can run entirely
in the background without affecting the performance of your PC.

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