AVG or Comodo Free Anti-Virus Software: Is One Better Than the Other?

When it came time to choose an anti-virus protection program for my Windows-based Dell desktop, I was interested in getting software for free. Previously, I had purchased Norton's paid version, and was a bit dissatisfied with the performance of my computer. Since I was not sure how another anti-virus software brand would affect my computer's speed, I specifically needed something free, disposable, and easily reversed.

While researching anti-virus software, I discovered both the AVG and Comodo anti-virus websites. Both were free, and I decided to download each one into identical Dell desktop computers, located in different areas. When downloading and installing, the AVG took about half as much time to set-up as the Comodo. In fact, the Comodo took over three hours for the entire process using a 56K modem. AVG, on the other hand, took just over an hour to download and about another ten minutes to install.

After restarting my computer, the AVG went right to work and immediately started performing a scan. Each time I start my computer with an internet connection, it immediately begins to update and, while it make my applications slower during this period, it only lasts for five to ten minutes. Also, I know that it is working after that due to an immediate notification of a Trojan horse I received yesterday that was immediately rectified by the AVG program.

On the other hand, the Comodo program has been difficult to tolerate. Every time my computer starts, an immediate notification regarding my external modem, Adobe Macromedia programs, or other installed files appears on my screen. After approving the files, I would think that would be the end of that notification, however, whenever I start my computer again, the same notification appears. I have even made a safe list with those programs on it; so my frustration with the Comodo anti-virus program grows daily. It has become such a nuisance to me that I am going to replace the Comodo software with the AVG on that computer this week. Yes, I will have lost many hours of time waiting for free software downloads, but the way things presently are, the Comodo anti-virus program is not very user-friendly compared to the AVG.

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As a result, when presented with the two options, I would have to highly recommend the AVG software for anti-virus protection hands-down over the Comodo. Not only does it download and install in less time, but it is also more user-friendly, and provides me with a simple updating process as soon as my Internet connection is established. With the Comodo, I have to go through the trouble of approving my modem before I can even have an Internet connection. While both anti-virus programs are free, the AVG is definitely a bargain due to its outstanding and reliable performance. Be sure to try it today if you are seeing a free anti-virus program for your computer.

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